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Hannah Quimby

Hannah and her twin brother Lucas were raised in an off the grid cabin in Maine (not far from the 100-mile wilderness) where they developed an early love for the outdoors. As soon as they learned about the Appalachian Trail, they dreamt of walking from Georgia back home to Maine. Lucas “Skyscraper” hiked the Appalachian Trail in 1997 and Hannah “Songbird” followed his lead two years later. Hannah serves as Executive Director of the Quimby Family Foundation, an organization with the mission to grow Human Wholeness by fostering the relationship between people and nature. She holds a graduate degree in Integrative Health, is a certified fitness instructor and nutritionist, serves on the Board of the Children and Nature Network, the Advisory Board of the East Coast Greenway Alliance, and is an Outreach Ambassador with the Outdoors Empowered Network.

“ I was so fortunate to spend six months walking the Appalachian Trail when I was just twenty years old. I knew I’d meet great people from all walks (ha ha) of life, that I’d be physically and mentally challenged, and that it would be exhilarating and fun (and it definitely was!) but the experience influenced my life in ways I never anticipated. For starters, my graduate thesis incorporated stories from women on the A.T, my current work involves supporting environmental nonprofits that connect people with the outdoors (often on trails), and what initially drew me to my husband Zak, “Kramer”, was the fact that he also thru-hiked and I knew he’d be someone I could adventure with for years to come. When I was hiking the A.T, I had a sense of how much work went into maintaining the trail, but it was only with time that I began to more fully appreciate the extent of work the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, trail maintainers, and trail clubs are responsible for. As the thru-hiker class of 1999 nears the twenty-year anniversary of our A.T Journey, I’m excited to share stories and photos from fellow ‘classmates’ from 1999 as we connect with one another and hundreds of others who love the trail. In the process, I hope to raise awareness of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and the instrumental role they play in protecting the trail corridor and creating meaningful, safe, and memorable experiences for everyone who spends time on this beloved 2,200+ mile national treasure."


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